Double the Fun

Would you believe that after being open a month, I finally made my first project?  It was small. So last night I decided it was high time I made something.  To get ready for the double-sided fall/winter plank workshop coming up this Friday, I decided to create one of my own.

I love the Happy Fall Y'all planks we have been featuring, but I like this design as well and decided to do something different.


I wanted a lighter brown for my background, so I mixed the walnut with the natural(tannish color) to achieve the color I wanted. I was pleased with the result. :)


The flowers at the top and bottom reminded me of mums. I really wanted purple and shaded in some goldish orange as well.


And because there are no mistakes at Hammer & Stain, when some stain dripped down from the other side and pooled a little, I covered up with an extra leaf stencil I had on hand.  I cut the stencil in half and put to the left of the L to cover up and the other half on the other side between the F and pumpkin to balance out.

and now for the reverse side:

I just love this design! The nativity inside the B, simple yet elegant.


We have a red stain, but I wanted a different color so I mixed in some black to get this custom color. 


I did the same for the stars.  We have some metallic, but it was too coppery. So I mixed until I found the color I was going for. 


Yes, if you don't see a color you want, let's create it!


Ready to learn more and pick out your fall and winter designs?

We have 12 fall and 12 winter designs to choose from as well as several dates to come in and create.

Hope to see you soon! Simply click link below to learn more. 




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