Give the gift of handmade

Giving handmade gifts has been around for well, forever.  At one point, it got a bad rap as being cheap. But now it is coming back around and people appreciate handmade gifts.  Giving handmade doesn't necessarily mean it is less expensive. Supplies aren't cheap, but most importantly it is your time and thought put into the gift. This is priceless and recipients appreciate it.

Why give the gift of handmade?


There is a good chance the quality will be much better. The time and attention you put in creating the gift will affect the quality.


There is at least one hard to buy for person on every list!  Giving handmade means you can personalize for just that person. And they can't already have it (unless you made the exact thing for them last year). :)

Do what makes you happy

This may seem selfish, but creating is therapeutic for me.  So why not enjoy what you are doing and give as a gift?

It is expected

If you are a crafter and always make things, than your list probably expects something handmade. And may even be upset if you don't.


On the other hand, it may be unexpected. I have a friend who claims to be not crafty and made a special gift for her mom.  Noone believed she made it. Her sisters thought she bought it.


Even if you follow a pattern, it won't be exactly the same. You could change colors, placement or add a little tweak just for the person you are giving it to.

More than a gift

Handmade gifts are a part of you. As you are creating, you are thinking about that person.


You create something beautiful and unique and are rewarded with a sense of accomplishment. When you see them use or display it, it furthers that good feeling.

These are just a few reasons to give handmade. Consider the person you are giving to, what would they like to receive? Can you make it?

For the month of November we will be sharing handmade gift ideas for that hard to buy for person.  A few ideas are gifts for the coffee lover, wine enthusiast, crafter, yogi, Christian, camper, teens and many more. Stay tuned...

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