New workshop guidelines

Things are a changing at Hammer and Stain Fairview!

Currently, you can choose any project you want to make whenever you want to make it. Starting in August, we will be featuring monthly (current workshops) for you to choose from. However, there is still an opportunity to create other (more workshops).

How it works:

Each month we will feature 6-10 workshops (current workshops) for you to choose from as well as several dates. 

These workshops are available to make for the current month.

What if you want to make something else?

No worries. We have 3 options.

  1. Open paint
  2. Reserve a table
  3. Book a private party

Open paint

Each month there will be 1 or 2 days available to choose any project (more workshops) you would like to make.  

Reserve a table

Choose a date and reserve a table for 4 people. Each person can create project of their choice. 

Note: reserving a table does not mean you get studio to yourself. (that is a private party


Reserve a table and make a FREE project! Projects will be available to choose from night of workshop.

Private party

Choose a date and get studio to yourself with a minimum of 6 people. Each guest can create a project of their choice.

Ready to reserve a table or book a private party? Contact us

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  • hello!
    I am attending a private party on 11/6/21 at 11am for Janet.

    I didnt see what I wanted to create on the current page. I was hoping to make a porch plank/porch leaner for Winter.
    I saw some on the gallery that said Welcome with a snowman. I would be interested in something like that if possible :) Please let me know how I can sign up for that!

    thank you!

    Jill Nehrkorn

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