Hammer and Stain Fairview DIY Workshop

Why Hammer and Stain

When I was researching business opportunities in the DIY arena, I compared several companies.  Ultimately, I went with Hammer and Stain for the following reasons:

  1. Financial investment 
  2. Artistic freedom
  3. Training and Support

Financial investment

Hammer and Stain $9500 one-time license fee
AR Workshop $25,000 franchise fee plus monthly fees (7% of gross sales)
Board and Brush $25,000 franchise fee plus monthly fees (7% gross sales)
Pinspiration $33,000 franchise fee plus 8% royalty fees


Artistic Freedom

Ultimately, I love that each Hammer and Stain studio is different.  You can design your studio any way you like as well as offer a wide variety of classes/workshops based on what you want as well!  

Training and support

While I'm sure other DIY business opportunities offer training and support, I knew Hammer and Stain did as well. This was important for me as a new business owner. I attended a 4 day training in Florida as well as an online owners facebook group that is invaluable.  There is a training manual as well.

What is included in sale

Pretty much everything!

  • license  $1200 transfer fee
  • signage 
  • tables/fixtures
  • tools (saw, sander, etc)
  • inventory (wood, flowers, add-ons, samples)
  • website/email subscribers
  • social media presence (facebook, instagram, Google my business)
  • designs (owners dropbox, plus my personal purchases)
  • training (as much as needed)


 Monthly Yearly
$1459.54  Lease $295 LLC (paid 7/2022)
$120         Ameren (average) $120 Dropbox (paid 6/2022)
$45           Shopify (shopping cart) $495 insurance (due August)
$200-500  Cost of goods sold


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