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This is such and exciting new way to create something perfect for your home. It’s a great time to start on Christmas gifts. Can’t wait to meet others who love crafting.

Bonnie Beauchamp, Collinsville

Highly recommend for a fun activity with friends. High quality products with a huge selection of designs to choose from for your project.

Amy Schwartz, St. Charles MO

Had such a great time at the Grand Opening! Not a crafty person, but the whole experience brought my inner crafty out. Can’t wait for a girls night and my next project!

Barb Yount, Granite City IL

What a wonderful time we had at Hammer and Stain. More than just a DIY shop, they make it fun and exciting and at the end of the evening you get to take home a beautiful project. We're certainly going back for another evening of wood staining fun.

Karen F. Gainesville, FL