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More Workshops

If our current workshops for the month aren't what you want to make, we are able to provide the workshops below as well.

However, to do so you have 3 options:

  1. Open paint
  2. Reserve a table
  3. Book a private party

Open paint

Each month there will be 1 or 2 days available to choose any project (more workshops) you would like to make.  August 21 and 22

Reserve a table

Choose a date and reserve a table for 4 people. Each person can create project of their choice. 

Note: reserving a table does not mean you get studio to yourself. (that is a private party

August special....

Reserve a table and everyone gets a second project for 1/2 price! Projects will be available to choose from night of workshop.

Private party

Choose a date and get studio to yourself with a minimum of 8 people. Each guest can create a project of their choice.

Ready to reserve a table or book a private party? Contact us


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